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rejen, WTF



Is that your new world view?
It is! Like it? I can't remember where I got it - but I thought I should have a few user pix unrelated to VM. And, hey, wherethehell have you been. I haven't had a chance to answer your Academy Awards post, but you and I definitely have very different taste when it comes to fancy, schmazy dresses. Jessica Biel - ugh! LOL. (Sorry, darlin'.) I'll try to find you tomorrow, K?
Hey, it was all pink and cute and matched her complextion!

I will be here tomorrow. Missed 'ya. Off to yoga now.
I made it, that's where you got it ;)

I was 99 and 9/10ths percent sure it was you - but I only just uploaded it last night. (You can see how technical I'm not - the first time I did it, I managed to post it to my journal but not put it where it belonged as a user pic.) I was going to ask you - really I was - just to be sure I was giving the right person credit. It's not my fault you're too bloody talented. *blows raspberry*

And, yes, I know I take you for granted. *hugs* Hopefully, you'll be able to take advantage of me - er, take me for granted too. *wink*

I'm sure I told you how shiny and pretty it is, but in case I'd forgotten my manners, it's beautiful, hon, and thank you for it and the others I gakked. Btw - I uploaded a couple more of yours, ones I know you made, so feel free to slap me when I forget to credit you, again. *headslap*

Oh, yeah. Thank you also for the musical hook up this morning. Damn, I owe you! *mwah* Good thing you're so good to me.
Hey, where have you been? You never answered my "why I love Lamb" rant-email. :^D And then he up and died. Was that you pulling strings? Just admit it, woman!